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I’m often asked by people, why cruise along the beautiful Amalfi Coast and Capri on a private charter?
There are many good reasons to charter a boat privately and create the highlight of your vacation in this stunning region.

We all agree that Mother Nature has blessed this amazing outstretch of land. The colours, the amazing rock formations and the incredible vistas are best viewed while cruising on the sea when you can fill your senses with nature’s offerings.

Another reason to take a cruise along the Amalfi Coast is to explore the many villages and islands without the hassle of traffic, parking and crowds. Make the best of your time by relaxing on an elegant and comfortable motor yacht while you view the gorgeous places made famous by movie makers, artists, actors and writers.

For me, one of the best reasons is that in a world that goes so fast, where we connect through social media, where we are all so busy, the luxury of a motor yacht cruise delivers the opportunity to connect with yourself and the people you love. Create special memories in the beautiful setting of this UNESCO
heritage site.

My first time on board with Premium Boat Charter was when my little one was only three years of age. A colleague insisted that we should go to dinner in a restaurant approachable by boat. I wasn’t so sure that I wanted to go but he overcame my resistance. An evening on board a 47ft motor yacht with my
husband and daughter was to be a special experience.

As we cruised out of the Amalfi port I felt at ease – worries, tiredness and concerns all disappeared. The captain spoiled us with drinks and little snacks while he and his mate gave us information on all the beautiful corners and coves that we passed.

We were treated like royalty: as the evening was becoming chilly I was handed a light and soft shawl to wrap around my shoulders. They even had pencils and paper for my little one. The captain and crew were amazing with their warm and welcoming smiles and their attention to every detail, making us feel very special.
My husband and I felt the same way when we first saw each other – nothing but our souls connecting through our eyes. The reflection of the moonlight on the water, the gentle relaxing noise of the boat cutting through the waves, it was as though my feelings, my thoughts and my brain were having a deep, relaxing yet reinvigorating massage. Positive, warm emotions took over me, especially watching our little one happy and smiley seated next to the captain while he pretended she was driving the boat following imaginary dolphins.
We had a fantastic dinner in a restaurant by the sea, and the evening couldn’t have been better as the boat gently rocked my little one to sleep on the way back.

– Carmen Muoio


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