Li Galli

The Siren song

While at sea we will steer through the legendary Li Galli island.

The Li Galli islands feature in Homer’s Odyssey and in earlier Greek mythology with the ancients claiming the islands were home to three enchanting sirens who lured sailors to the shore with their song.  The sirens lured Odysseus near Sorrento’s coastal waters: he could only outwit them by having himself tied to the ship’s mast and sealing his crew’s ears with wax. Apparently, the sirens chose to become eternal by turning themselves into the rocky outcrops known today as Li Galli island.

The Li Galli Islands have hosted a rich tapestry of cinematic visitors over the years and are a famous landmark on the Amalfi Coast.  By choosing a private boat excursion with us, you will have the opportunity of being part of this enchanting spectacle.

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